Keeping Breakfast in the Kremlin Safe. 

Whether you're a manufacturer who uses glass jars, or just a lover of chocolate and hazelnut spread then this 2 minute post makes great lunchtime reading!


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Keeping Breakfast in the Kremlin Safe.


Whether you're a manufacturer who uses glass jars, or just a lover of chocolate and hazelnut spread then this 2 minute post makes great lunchtime reading!

Don't Miss the IR17 Deadline


If your company uses x-ray equipment you need to make sure you're re-registered on the new IRR17!

Three Wise Men, One Smart Solution.


The celebration of Epiphany in France is with a Galette Des Rois. Our inspection system provides manufacturers of this delicious treat a quick means of ensuring the cake creates just one King or Queen in each household!

Recalls: Look For Prevention Not Blame


News stories this week have reported a steady rise in recalls with pressures on manufacturers from consumers being cited as part of the problem. So how do we fix the problem?

Service Cover Over Christmas


Sapphire's engineers are on hand to offer remote support over the Christmas and New Year period.

The Mouldy, Stinky, Stapled Solution


It stinks. It's mouldy! Its packaging is stapled together....and we want you to develop a programme that inspects it for quality and contamination. Not your typical premium product brief!

Sapphire and Ultrapak Partnership Gives Heemskerk Superior Quality Control


Heemskerk, the major Dutch fruit and vegetable supplier installs Sapphire Inspection Systems to their 'high care' lines.

New Facility in Germany


The new German office has opened in Lohr am Main, in the centre of the country.

Sapphire installs the largest sideview xray system for food applications, with 40" inspection height.


Detection of small contaminants in large packages requires custom design and leading technology, which is when food manufacturers call on Sapphire Technologies.

Sapphire opens new xray assembly facility in Houston


We are pleased to announce that Sapphire has moved both the US business office and parts warehouse to a new facility on the North side of Houston, TX.

Wide Format Xray for Bakery, Confection and Formax® Lines


In 2009, Sapphire manufactured its first ultra wide format xray system for inspection of chocolates on a 6 foot wide belt. These systems are used to detect metal contaminants down to 1mm and glass, stone and some plastics at 3mm.

Sapphire Launches High Resolution Xray for detection of small fish bones


Sapphire launched its G180 flat panel xray system in 2011, with a resolution meter of 75 microns, primarily for use in Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Applications.

Sideview Xray + Checkweigher Combi Unit


Sapphire US delivers first sideview xray + checkweigher combi unit

Sapphire USA Established


Sapphire Xray Inspection has launched its brand new 3 tier end-of-line inspection services operation.

Sapphire Alliance Founded for Global Marketing of Xray Inspection Systems


Offering Global Distribution of Xray Systems based on Cheyney Xray Technology and Components.