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Three Wise Men, One Smart Solution.


January in the UK.

Avoid desserts.
Pretend not to avoid the gym.
Avoid your family.

January in France.

Find a reason to celebrate some more with an amazing dessert centre piece and a fun game for the whole family!

Welcome to the season the the Galette Des Rois!

Traditionally shared on Epiphany (January 6th), to celebrate the arrival of the Three Wise Men in Bethlehem, the Galette Des Rois is a cake surrounded with a crown and hidden inside is a small charm, the féve.

The Galette is a delectable puff pastry cake filled with frangipane – a cream made from sweet almonds, butter, eggs and sugar. If anything were to sway you from your clean eating resolution, this would be it!

In the past it would be cut into portions according to the number of guests plus one extra, the ‘part de pauvre’ or poor man’s part, for the first poor person who stopped by the house.

Perhaps because directly after our Christmas expenditure and January Sales splurging we are all poor by this point, the tradition has changed. The youngest child of the house sits beneath the table on which the cake rests and points to a person in turn inviting them to be served a slice until everyone has a piece.

Whoever finds the féve in their slice is declared King or Queen for the day and wears the crown from the cake.

There are two possibilities for disaster here.

Firstly, in the production line it’s possible that the féve could be missed – or worse for family relations, two féves accidentally placed in a single cake.

Sapphire Inspection Systems were tasked with creating an inspection that could ensure safe celebrations all round by inspecting production line Galettes for both single féve delivery and contaminant inspection in one.

Our solution looked for the size and density rules of the féve to mask it from the inspection. More than one of this ruling and the product was whisked off the production line. Likewise, any other contaminant possibility was clearly identified and equally withdrawn from the production line.

The result?

Family disputes over the anointing of a new monarch will not be the result of a production mishap. This however, is the limit of our capabilties with domestic monarchies.

Two interesting side notes.

1. The French President receives a Galette Des Rois minus the  féve as it is deemed inappropriate for the serving President to be crowned a King whilst in the realm of a Republic.

2. Ironically, National Obestity Awareness Week begins on Monday 8th January, just 2 days after Epiphany. 

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