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Area Sensors Offer Accurate Drug Weighing


Today’s recall (22nd February 2018) from Glaxo Wellcome highlights the importance of accurate measurement of drug doses.

The task of weighing to a repeatability of tenths of milligrams of powdered drugs in carriers for medical devices was presented to our development team more than 20 years ago.

Our latest research and testing with APS sensors proved to offer extremely sensitive imaging that enabled us to develop a system that could accurately weigh drug doses of lactose equivalent drugs to within 0.1mg.

APS sensors are less well known in the inspection field, or perhaps not always properly understood.

To define the difference, an APS sensor is similar to digital photography where all the pixels on the sensor are exposed at the same time, and for an extended period when compared with a single line of pixels at a time for a line scan camera.
This requires to product to special handling techniques which we have pioneered.

Whilst area sensors have been used in the medical field for many years, our new generation of area sensors (post late 2016) offer a higher resolution, with lower noise – in summary, much clearer image capture, and hence more accurate measurement.

In addition to drug dosing, our team have continued to work with the pharmaceutical industry to inspect drug delivery devices.

One of our inspections examines disposable insulin pumps, with each pump receiving in excess of 30 component and safety inspections to ensure patients are protected.

Development of inspections such as these has enabled our pharmaceutical clients to gain a greater insight to the mechanics and biometry of their products. The degree of detail that can be extrapolated from these images has informed pharmaceutical companies’ R&D and formulation teams product development as it enables them to test products exposure to different circumstances.

The Sapphire team are pioneers in inspection technology and continue to bring new products to the market that lead to greater product safety and development as well as higher quality assurance.

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