Three Wise Men, One Smart Solution. 

The celebration of Epiphany in France is with a Galette Des Rois. Our inspection system provides manufacturers of this delicious treat a quick means of ensuring the cake creates just one King or Queen in each household!


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Welcome to Sapphire Inspection

Sapphire Inspection is a designer and manufacturer of end-of-line inspection systems for the Food and Pharmaceutical sectors. The Sapphire team has been on the forefront of Xray technology since development of Xray linear array technology in 1983. Sapphire operates in over 20 countries providing Xray system sales, installation, training and service.

Sapphire manufactures a broad range of Xray systems for inspection of almost any product. Sapphire Xray systems allow for:

Detection of Contaminants – Much more than a Metal Detector

  • Metals, Bone, Stone, Glass, certain Plastics
  • Metal in Foil or Canned Product
  • Glass in Glass Jars or Bottles

Mass Check – Greater functionality than a Checkweigher

  • Gross or Net Contents
  • Zoned Mass (Look at each compartment separately)
  • Fluid Density or Fat\Lean Analysis for Meat
  • Missing Components (Inserts, Prizes, Parts)

Product Integrity – Look inside the Packaging

  • Crushed, Broken, Partial Product
  • Missing Filling, Nuts
  • Seasoning Agglomerates
  • Seal Inspection